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Slipper Darning (2010). Work and photograph by Becky Johnson.

For Keeps: a mending show

Presented by Toronto Craft Alert in partnership with City of Craft and Worn Fashion Journal

Cream Tangerine Café Gallery at the Great Hall
December 9-18, 2010

Opening reception hosted by Worn Fashion Journal December 9/10 (exact date and time TBA)

Tucked away in fraying quilts, hidden on dishes under plants, or protected by tissue in boxes up high – you may be harbouring a piece of art in your home without even knowing it. We are seeking your darned, patched, glued and otherwise mended objects for a group exhibition to take place as part of City of Craft’s 2010 art and installation programming.

In For Keeps, Toronto Craft Alert will present your mended works – originals and photographic portraits by photographer Danijela Pruginic – in a celebration of everyday beauty and the evocative stories behind things we care enough about to fix when broken.

Do you have a garment, textile piece or household object whose visible repair enhances its loveliness? A botched fix or a shameful cover-up with a great story behind it? A piece that was passed down to you from past generations with the battle scars to prove it? If so we’d love to see a photo and learn about its history via the For Keeps submission form (link below). Objects that can be mounted on a wall are preferred.

In exchange for lending us your work for the show, you will receive a print of a photographic portrait of your piece and will be credited for your submission. Your works will be the backdrop for City of Craft’s annual show taking place on December 18 & 19, 2010.

Submission Deadline: Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Submission Fee: None

Online application: here


For Keeps is curated and coordinated by Jen Anisef for Toronto Craft Alert, a community hub and online service for craft-related art, DIY, and design activity happening locally.

Danijela Pruginic is a Toronto-based artist and commercial photographer, whose work has appeared in a number of local publications, as well as exhibited locally and internationally.

Worn Fashion Journal is an alternative to mainstream fashion magazines which explores the concepts and ideas of clothing from an historical, cultural, political, personal and practical point of view.

City of Craft is Toronto’s leading independent craft sale and weekend-long event featuring craft-based installations, free workshops, and craft-related programming.